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Our Process

We approach each project as unique and begin by having our clients brief us on their intention for the package; its volume, parts in stock that they may wish to incorporate, lead times, the aesthetic objective and so on.
Having established the key priorities of the project, we quickly set out a unique and actionable plan of approach for the product.
We are able to provide a number of visual representations for the product from rendered and technical drawings to functional models; alongside an experienced group of package development and designers.

When a brand creates a product, it often goes hand in hand with an aesthetic. A set of visual characteristics that help the customer recognise the brand and the qualities of the product.

Above is an example of just this, demonstrating brand association as our client required. The tactile nature of a product can often be a deciding factor of the success or failure of a package for the consumer, and evaluating this from just CAD drawings can be nigh on impossible. By utilising 3d printing technology, producing a cost effective prototype for you to interact with has never been so quick or accurate.

Our team is proven and capable of handling challenges independently. With an integrated, established supply chain we are able to lease with our longstanding manufacturing partners and personally address any potential issues before they occur.

A custom package for a singular product

This process requires a blend of industry knowledge, the right supply chain, imagination and experience. We stand fully behind our team and the strong relationships we have built in all areas of the industry to provide all these factors and have done so on a consistent basis.

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