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Markets most served in 2020

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Other


Precise Plastics first began serving the Air Travel market due to other firms supply issues based around package pressurisation. Some firms do not value the importance of product content and pressurisation testing before approving a package for mass-manufacture.
Issues such leaking show why the quality control measures we employ are so important, as well as how our industry knowledge can help you to prevent an expensive spillage.

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Manufacturing Partners

Encouraging long lasting relationships with companies looking to innovate, improve and embrace a cyclical economy is an integral part of Precise Plastics.
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Dennis Warren
Online Teacher
“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books”
jerome depremare
Plastuni Normandie
“Precise Plastics is a real innovative, constructive and responsible partner in the development of 'Turn-key' primary packaging solutions.
Together, end customer driven, we have always striven to meet the Health and Beauty market requirements especially in the field of sustainable growth.”

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La célèbre snap-on release
"Avon Cosmetics is the latest company to start using the snap-on pump and PET bottles developed by Precise Plastics, of London.
Precise says that the requirement was for a 15ml bottle in clear PET, silk-screened in one colour, to be used as a fragrance sampler. The lead time from initial order to first deliveries was five weeks, it is claimed.
The injection-moulded PET is said to be compatible with alcohol-based fragrances and to offer glass-like clarity, while snap-on pump fives leak proof seal.
In addition, Avon was able to easily fill the container using existing equipment. Risdon in France and Emsar in the US are manufacturing the snap-fit pump packaging for Precise Plastics.
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