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Our Approach

With the aid of our manufacturing partners sustainable practices, we evaluate the environmental impact throughout our production and distribution process. We actively search for new, innovative solutions to make sure that we are creating packaging as sustainably as possible; while looking to be open and transparent about the implications that our packaging may have for the environment.

Designing for a circular future

Recycling made simpler by snap on options

Package decoration can be key to a products success. The Soda above speaks to this, featuring silk sleeving.
Decoration options may vary and is included but not limited to shrink sleeving, silk screening, foil blocking and labelling.

Investing In Materials

Here at Precise Plastics, we have respect for the environment and understand the challenges faced to preserve it. As part of our sustainable strategy, our designers are concisely developing solutions aimed at refill-ability.

The increased use of PCR in Precise Plastics packages over the last 10 years speaks volumes about the benefits of this material. The advantages of PCR are numerous, with more and more of the industry recognising the value of this material.

Consistent quality - the performance is comparable with "virgin" PET
Greenhouse emission reduction
Reduced fossil fuel-based feedstock
It remains easily mouldable through IBM and ISBM
Controlled thin and thick wall capability
It is compatible with all decoration options
Safe for food contact
There exists a consistent and secure supply
It is rapidly becoming an industry requirement
A commitment to a sustainable future

Our commitment to the environment and the health and safety of our people around the globe spans all levels of our company and connects to all parts of our value and supply chain. We believe the packaging industry must be circular, with repeatable and positive effects on people, the planet and products.

  • Reuse and Reduce
Creating lightweight solutions
Improving packaging
  • Recover and Recycle
Used recycling feedstock
Reprocessing scrap material
Designing re-useable products with extended life cycles
  • Respect and Replace
Process elimination
Using recycled feedstock materials
Designing for metal to plastic conversion
Understanding PET, PCR and their chemical properties...

Blow molding is the process of inflating a hot, hollow, thermoplastic preform or parison inside a closed mold, so its shape conforms to that of the mold cavity.

Chemical Resistance
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon
Mineral Acids (dilute)
Mineral Acids (concentrated)
Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Oils, Greases
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