La célèbre snap-on release
"Avon Cosmetics is the latest company to start using the snap-on pump and PET bottles developed by Precise Plastics, of London.
Precise says that the requirement was for a 15ml bottle in clear PET, silk-screened in one colour, to be used as a fragrance sampler. The lead time from initial order to first deliveries was five weeks, it is claimed.
The injection-moulded PET is said to be compatible with alcohol-based fragrances and to offer glass-like clarity, while snap-on pump fives leak proof seal.
In addition, Avon was able to easily fill the container using existing equipment. Risdon in France and Emsar in the US are manufacturing the snap-fit pump packaging for Precise Plastics.
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Looking back at a refreshing and fine spray package
"A request for a small container suitable for use as a trial and travel size facial spray, and which used a plastic spray that did not require crimping equipment, led Precise Plastics, of Lymington, to extend its range of miniature PET pump spray bottles.
The initial brief was to produce a bottle in white with a colour-matched pump and natural over-cap.
The fine spray characteristics of the snap-on pump were considered ideal for the product application.
The 25ml bottle is injection blow-moulded in PET and silkscreen printed using a fully automated process.
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Progressing a range through integration and innovation
"Precise Plastics, with Emsar in the USA, has developed a lockable low profile snap on miniature treatment pump to suit ins PET injection moulded bottles.
The pump has a plastic ferrule and a twist lock actuator system designed to lock when turned. This makes an over-cap redundant and the package can be operated with one hand which, says Precise, is 'unique for such a small pump'.
Eight new packages with fills of between 7.5ml - 30ml are moulded by Polyflex in France.
They offer a full range of decorative possibilities from silk screening to foil blocking and frosting.
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On the scent of miniatures
"A plastic snap-on pump and PET bottles developed by Precise Plastics, of Lymington, are being used for an Oriflame International fragrance sampler.
The 15ml bottles in clear PET are silk-screened one colour and given a custom colour-matched Snap Fit pump and cap.
The package was filled by Eros Laboratories' Metheringham factory, which is set up to handle miniature packaging.
The pump snaps on to the injection formed neck to give a leak proof seal, says Precise."
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Precise Plastics gets sanitary
"Private label company Vijon has selected the 30ml flip-top cap package from Precise Plastics for its new germ-X Anti Bacterial Sanitizing pocket spray.
Vijon selected the 30 ml oval bottle design with a lavender flip top cap, which snaps onto the 15ml crimped pump, allowing the user to open and close the packaging with one hand."
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A clearer look at the Aromas' fragrance sampling
"UK packaging company Precise Plastics Ltd is supplying its snap-on pump and PET bottles to Oriflame International.
The 15ml bottles in clear PET will be used as fragrance samplers. Tinted pumps and bottle designs will be used for different fragrances.
The bottle is injection blow moulded in PET to give a glass-like clarity and good compatibility with alcohol based fragrance formulations.
The pump snaps on to the bottle neck to provide a leak-proof seal. The filled bottle is an alternative to glass packaging, which is heavier than PET."
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Looking back at two sides of the Carre package
"Precise Plastics has developed the Precise Plastic snap-on treatment pump and 25ml square bottle, the Carre, and it has already been used to good effect by L'Occitane en Provence.
The bottle is being used for miniature promotional packs of Eau and Lait demaquillant products, for both lotion and spray applications.
Produced in PET for clarity, the treatment pump was moulded in L'Occitance's blue with spray pump a natural colour.
The treatment pump was originally developed in the USA in conjunction with Emsar and features a locking actuator, removing the need for an overcap.
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